St Matthew’s Montessori School & Lemon Tree Montessori – Ealing W5

Application form

You can download and fill out the application form by hand, or just fill out the online form below:


All postal correspondence should be sent to;

Lemon Tree Montessori School,

45a The Mall,

Ealing, W5 3QN


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Medical Information

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INFORMATION HELD ON COMPUTER/PASSED ON TO LOCAL AUTHORITY- I give permission for my child’s personal information to be kept on computer and passed on to the local authority in order for them to process the nursery grant. Unless you state otherwise, it is assumed that you are giving permission for the above.

PHOTOS – photos are taken of children playing inside/outside/outings and stored in a computer. No name, address or personal information will be added to the photos. Patents/staff/children/Ofsted/Early Years Advisors will see these photos as they are played as slides on a computer. This is for the childrens’ and parents’ benefit so that you know what your children do at the nursery. It is assumed that if I do not hear otherwise, we have your permission for this to take place.

ALLERGY LIST – should your child have or develop an allergy intolerance to any food/material we must immediately be informed in writing. I ask your permission for this to be entered onto an Allergy List and displayed on the classroom wall. It is very important that all those involved in your child’s care is aware of this. If we do not hear otherwise, it will be assumed that permission has been granted for this to take place.

CHANGES IN FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES – You are required to inform us of any changes to your family circumstances- ie who can/cannot collect your child from nursery. This is required in writing by the guardian then followed by a written court order. It is our duty to protect your child at all times.

The nursery will be closed when group outings take place and NO refund will be made should your child not take part. I give permission for my child to take part in school outings Yes/No. Please circle.

I/We jointly and severally agree to abide by the conditions and rules in the conditions of admission overleaf. I/We accept that under this agreement we are liable for all school fees and extras, including any interest incurred. We understand that a term’s notice, in writing, must be given to Farah Virani before withdrawal of a child or change of sessions otherwise parents will be liable for payment of a full term fees and any deposit would be forfeited.


1. All fees are due termly in advance and should be paid before the start of each term. Payment can be made directly into the school account: Bank:Santander Account: Willow Tree Education Ltd Sort Code: 09 06 66 Acc No: 42816977. Please reference the payment with your child’s name. Cheques are not accepted. A pupil may be withdrawn whose fees are not paid promptly.
2. A full term’s notice in writing (i.e. before the nursery starts either in the Autumn/Spring or Summer) is required in advance before the removal of a pupil. Failing this, a full term’s fees will be charged and deposit forfeited. A ‘Terms Notice’ means that written notice must be emailed or posted to; Willow Tree Education Ltd, 4 Norman Cr, Pinner. HA5 3QN, so as to reach by not later than the first day of the term at the end of which it is proposed that your child will leave the nursery. No other form of notice will be accepted. Notice given at half term will NOT be accepted. A full months notice is required for Lemon Tree Montessori school.
3. No reduction is made for temporary absence, illness or for when the nursery is closed for group outings i.e. should your child not take part in the outing No refund will be given.
4. Entry is solely at the Principal’s discretion. The Principal reserves the right to request the removal of a pupil if the parents ethos and commitment to the nursery or the pupil’s behaviour is unsatisfactory, without a term’s notice. In such a case no refund will be made. However, there will be no liability for the next term’s fees. The principal also reserves the right to request the removal of a pupil if fees are not paid promptly.
5. The children must be collected promptly. Fees will be incurred if the child is left for more than ten minutes.
6. The Principal reserves the right to allocate key persons, change staff, classrooms, the location, the timetable, courses, dates or hours of opening if she deems it necessary without a term’s notice.
7. When rises in costs make an increase in fees essential it may be necessary to give less than a full term’s notice of this. Fee levels are reviewed at least once a year.
8. If the school has to close, due to group outing, emergency, e.g. weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, the school term will not be extended nor will any part of the fee be repayable.
9. Staff are not permitted to undertake baby sitting with children who attend or who have attended the school in the past.
10. A flat rate of £50 is payable on all overdue fees. All costs incurred in the collection of unpaid fees including our administrative costs and any costs of solicitors acting on our behalf shall be recoverable in full.
11. Child care vouchers -the onus is on the parent to keep track of payments and ensure the full fees are paid by the deadline.
12. Bank charges on returned cheques are levied in full.
13. I hereby make application for the entry of my child on the conditions shown above and I undertake to conform with all the rules of the school.
14. The information given on this form will be held on computer. The child’s name, address and date of birth will be provided to the relevant borough when the child becomes eligible for a nursery grant.

Please advise your preferred sessions – this is a guideline to your requirements but does NOT guarantee a place or the times of your choice. A minimum of three sessions per week is required for under threes and five sessions for over three’s.

TERM TIME ONLY (please tick) – Hours of opening may be changed. Parents will be informed.

9.15 – 12.15

12.15– 3.15
A securing fee of £300 is payable prior to entry and once sessions have been confirmed. This sum is returned after the end of the final term of the child’s stay at the school or can be used as payment towards the final term’s fees providing that a full term’s notice is given prior to the child leaving and that no additional payments or fees are outstanding. Once the securing fee is received by me, your child’s place is guaranteed. If the child does not attend the nursery once the place has been accepted, then the deposit is not refundable. Fees include specialist activities such as, French, ballet, music & drama. A full month’s notice is required for Lemon Tree Montessori.