We have compiled this list based on question we have received from parents over the years.

When can I visit the nursery?

We always recommend that you visit the nursery before registering or joining the waiting list. Appointments must be made in advance in order to reduce disruptions to the children’s routine and offer prospective parents the opportunity to observe children in their play. Appointments can be made at 9.30am at St Matthews Montessori and at 10.00am or 2.00pm at Lemon Tree Montessori, Monday to Friday. In special circumstances, viewings can be made out of the specified hours.

How do I register my child?

Once you have made a visit to the school and decided that you would like to register, you will need to complete a registration form, which can be downloaded here ( I will send you the application form), and return this to the nursery together with the relevant registration fee. A deposit is required to confirm the days you request and hold the place.

Do children need to be potty trained before joining the nursery?

They do not. We will work closely with you, when the time is right, to start training. If we feel a child is ready we will approach you first.

What do I need to provide?

Once you have registered at St Matthew’s or Lemon Tree Montessori you will be asked to provide nappies, formula milk, a change of clothes including sunhat in the summer and wellington boots in the winter. We will provide wipes, creams and meals. You are welcome to provide a favourite toy or comforter during the first few weeks of settling in.

School Uniform

At Lemon Tree Montessori we will shortly be providing the children with a polo shirt, sweat shirt and book bag. These must be worn along with your choice of gym bottoms, leggings or comfortable trousers. All items should have an elasticated waist allowing children the freedom and independence of looking after their own personal hygiene.

Currently there is no uniform at St Matthew’s Montessori School however a book bag is provided on joining.

How often do the children go outdoors?

Fresh air and outdoor play is essential for babies and children of all ages. It gives them the opportunity to play in larger areas thus encouraging physical development.

Natural daylight is a vital source of essential vitamins needed for healthy skin and bones.

Babies and children will go into the garden or local walks every day, regardless of weather, to play with bikes, climbing apparatus, swings, build their own obstacle courses and even water, sand and messy play.

This is in accordance with the Childrens Act, which ensures children go outside to enjoy learning every day.

We are lucky enough to have a small group of children, which means we can take the children to explore their local environment regularly. Children visit the park, library, fire station, local shops and points of interest. We undertake risk assessments before every trip and use the ‘walkodile’ when appropriate.

What is the settling in procedure?

When you arrive a member of staff will take you and your child into their room and introduce you to the staff members and especially your child’s Key Person. This is a designated person who will be looking after your child.
A Key Person system provides children with the opportunity to make attachments in a positive and affectionate way. Young children do not always have the language to express what they experience, especially babies, therefore the need for a key person is utmost.
Feel free to ask and tell your child’s Key Person anything you may feel relevant and beneficial to help your child settle more easily. Your Key Person will ask you various questions about your child, i.e. Do they sleep during the day, eating and food restrictions, etc.

On your child’s first day we will ask you to stay for an hour or so. We will then arrange another time for you to come, where once your child is settled we suggest you leave them, just for an hour. This will continue over a period of about two weeks depending on the individual child. Only when the child has settled may the child be left for long periods.
Please be assured that your child will receive lots of cuddles and attention if they are upset and we will do our utmost to ensure they settle in easily and as quickly as possible.
All children are individuals and some may take longer than others. Please feel free to telephone us as often as you like during the day to see how your child is progressing and to discuss anything else relating to the nursery.
We do not encourage children to bring toys into the nursery. However, if your child has a special comfort toy or blanket, etc, which you think would help them to settle better and feel more secure, they are welcome to bring it into the nursery.

What is a keyperson?

Each child deserves to have a special relationship with someone within the nursery and the key person approach effectively celebrates this. It provides you and your child with a sense of security.

Developing a secure bond with their key person allows them to explore and play freely but feel safe within the environment. They will have activities and quality learning experiences planned for them based on their individual needs.

What about holidays?

Lemon Tree Montessori is open 50 weeks a year and is only closed between Christmas and New Year and a week over Easter. We are fully staffed throughout the year, as families will go on holidays at different times. As with all day nurseries, fees are payable regardless of absence due to holidays or sickness.
St Matthew’s Montessori is term time only. Fees are payable regardless of absence due to holidays or sickness.

What will my child eat at nursery?

All children at Lemon Tree Montessori are given breakfast, snack, lunch and tea. Breakfast is served includes a variety of healthy cereals, wholemeal toast and a selection of spreads. Morning snack is either fresh fruit or vegetables and is offered at different times of the day depending on demand of the children. Lunch is freshly prepared on the premises by our loving and experienced cook, it is served at 11.00am and consists of main course and dessert. A light tea is served at 3.00pm and this is usually finger foods e.g. stuffed pitas, sandwiches, soup and toast, bagels etc. Young babies will have their own menu and the cook and keyperson will work with parents on weaning when it is time. Menus are displayed in the nursery. This is a sample meal plan ( Emailed the sample, can you put as a link)
Children at St Matthew’s Montessori are provided with a nutritional snack, milk and water. They are required to bring a packed lunch.

Download a PDF Sample-meal-plan

Do both Montessori schools accept Early Education Entitlement for 3 year olds and Early Learning Entitlement for 2 year olds?

Yes. We receive the educational support of the local education authority which includes an educational consultant, training courses for the staff and regular visits in addition to the Ofsted inspections. For our parents, it means that once your child reaches the age of 3 years, your child’s fees will automatically be reduced to incorporate the government funding. Every child is entitled to receive this funding from the term AFTER their 3rd birthday.

Do you have an Ofsted report?

Yes, we are inspected regularly by Ofsted. We have consistenly been given the grade of ‘Good’ with outstanding elements. The report is available on the OFSTED and school website and is always on the parents notice board in the nursery to view.

Click the link to download and read the report:

St Matthews Montessori School inspection report

The school has also undergone a Montessori accreditation audit. Click the link to download and read the report.

Final MEAB report

Lemon Tree Montessori, in accordance with Ofsted guidelines, will be inspected within thirty months of opening.


Is there a discount for siblings?

If you have more than one child attending the nursery at the same time, each additional child is entitled to a 10% discount on all monthly fees.

Where do the children go after leaving our Montessori school’s?

We have established strong links with independent and government run schools in the local area. Feedback from the schools tell us that children from St Matthew’s Montessori school are fully prepared for reception class, have excellent personal skills and are ready to progress along the curriculum. This is due to the high standards we place on the development of our children.
In recent years the majority of our children have gone on to the following schools;
Notting Hill & Ealing High School
Durston House
Bute House
St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School
St Augustine’s Priory
Clifton Lodge
State run:
Fielding Primary School
St Saviours C of E
Montepeiler Primary School
Holy Family Catholic Primary School